10 Interesting Facts About the Singapore Lottery

The industry of lottery in Singapore is thriving with the country offering its residents with not one but three state lotteries to choose from namely 4d Singapore, Toto and Big Sweep. What makes the Singapore lottery interesting is the well-known facts that are associated with it.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten amazing facts about the Singapore lottery.

SG Pools was established 51 years ago

Singapore Pools or simply SG Pools is the only gambling operator in the country and it is the only source of gambling services in Singapore. The firm was established on the 23rd of May 1968 and it was 51 years ago.

The lottery was set-up to curb illegal gambling

During the 1960s, illegal gambling was prevalent in the country and it was being operated by powerful crime syndicates. Instead of banning the activities of gambling altogether, the government established a legal gambling operator that will oversee the gambling services and will provide the Singaporeans a safe space to gamble.

Don’t be upset if you lose

When you bought a ticket for the first time and you lost the bet, sometimes it is hard to not be upset about it. However, it is comforting to know that the ticket sales in the lottery are being used to support charities and fund community programs.

So, the next time that you lose in a 4d result that Singapore Pools are offering, just think of it as a donation instead and it will definitely make you feel better.

SG Pools helped built Singapore’s major landmarks

The ticket sales in the SG Pools also helped fund the construction of the major landmarks in Singapore such as the National Stadium, the Esplanade, Gardens By The Bay, the Indoor Stadium, and The Sports Hub.

SG Pools funded Singapore’s monumental events

Additionally, some of the iconic events being celebrated in Singapore such as the Chingay Parade and the National Day Parade were also funded by the national lottery.

Lucky SG Pools outlets do exists

Singaporeans love superstitions and it was ingrained in their culture. One in particular is the belief that several lottery outlets where previous winning tickets were sold are considered lucky. As of writing, there are ten lucky outlets scattered in Singapore.

You can analyze the past results

Do you have a penchant for analyzing the patterns in 4d results? Well, you can always check online the past winning results.

The lottery was exempted from gambling laws

Singapore has a very strict law when it comes to gambling such as the Remote Gambling Act of 2014. Although, lottery and horserace betting are exempted from these laws because they are deemed legal.

For a very long time, the lottery was protected by gambling laws as it was also used to fight the illegal gambling activities in the country.

It is providing job opportunities to some citizens

Singapore Pools is indeed a company just like the other organizations in the world. For a very long time, the company has been providing job opportunities for Singaporean citizens such as part-time positions and internships.

You could be an instant millionaire

Lotteries in Singapore, especially 4D, are a great provider of lucrative jackpot rewards. If you happen to win the grand prize in 4D, you can have the opportunity to pay off your debts and change your life.


The history of the lottery in Singapore is an interesting story in itself as it is an indicator of the victory of the government over the illegal gambling syndicates that were taking over the country at that time. Now that you know the interesting facts about Singapore lotteries, it is time for you to test your luck in one and win huge prizes.







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