Steps To Help Avoid Injuries To High School Athletes

Nothing beats hearing your teammates cheer when you score the game-winning points as a high school athlete. During your high school years as a student athlete, it entails both mental and physical challenges to your body. Because of this, there is the risk of being injured and nothing is more demoralizing than being sidelined and losing out on the experiences of a lifetime.

While playing in any sport has the potential of injury, there are techniques to lessen the possibility of an injury during action on the field, even if youth athletes are playing safely. In this article, we offer a number of tips both high school players and their families can think about to potentially avoid injury and achieve their goals in the sport they participate in.

Proper Diet

An appropriate diet is one of the most effective strategies for athletes to avoid injury. The body is similar to a vehicle, in that it needs the right fuel for it to perform at its best.

An important practice is to provide your body with the correct intake of nutrition both before and after games and practices. A well-balanced diet a few hours before a game should consist of the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats, with the ratio being 40/30/30, respectively.

An athlete may feel fatigued or drained during a game if they do not eat properly. Nutrients are essential in keeping your bones and joints strong, helping avoid the risk of a fracture under the pressures of athletic movements.

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Stretching, Warming Up and Cooling Down

To improve performance and minimize injury, athletes should always warm up and stretch before activity, as well as cool down appropriately. In fact, stretching should be integrated into their regular workout programs to promote flexibility, as well as aid in avoiding injury. Cooling down after a game or following an intense practice is also necessary in aiding in the recovery of your muscles and joints.

Understand the Rules of the Game

When athletes are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations of their sport, the potential that an injury could happen is greater. Simply following the rules, especially in contact sports like football where you are not allowed to tackle a certain way or in soccer can contribute greatly to preventing injury to yourself or another athlete.

Wearing the Correct Gear

Players should always wear the correct protective gear when playing in their respective sports. This may be a helmet and pads, or maybe a mouthpiece. It’s critical that players wear the correct equipment at all times. These items should also be sized and fitted correctly to adequately protect the athlete wearing them. Even while wearing the proper protection, youth players should be aware that it doesn’t make them immune to being hurt. Risky behavior should be avoided at all times.

Getting Enough Rest

A very important decision for all athletes, not just high school players, is whether or not to sit out during competition to allow their body to heal rather than playing hurt.

Sometimes, a player may be afraid they will be taken out of the starting line-up or maybe just want to help their team win. However, this isn’t always the route they should take. Taking a day off to recover and avoid the risk of hurting yourself for an extended period is important.

As an athlete, you should understand the difference between an injury and simple soreness you may experience from your participation in sports. They may be able to play through a little stiffness or sore muscles with a proper diet and training, but playing while injured will only result in further damage. Frequent rest and recuperation days in the life of all athletes.


Athletes who are not adequately conditioned or trained for their activities are more prone to injury. Strength training and preseason exercises will help an athlete get ready for game day.

What To Do When You Are Injured?

No matter how prepared an athlete is or how many precautions they take, injuries are a part of being an athlete. Medical attention should always be the first step to take if an injury arises. Once they receive medical attention, the next call should be to a work injury attorney in Jersey City to figure out any legal steps you may need to take.

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