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What are the perks of becoming an IAS officer?

Most of the candidates begin their preparation for the Civil Services Examination dreaming to get into Indian Administrative Service. The Civil service examination has three stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview. To get into Indian Administrative Service, the candidates have to not only clear the UPSC exam but also secure top rank. 

The candidates have to put in a great amount of hard work to clear this exam. Once the exam is cleared, then he/she enjoys many benefits which will be worth the hard work and struggle he/she went through during the preparation phase. That’s why it is considered one of the most coveted salaried jobs in the country. The aspiring candidates can check out IAS Salary to know more about the salary structure and other benefits enjoyed by an IAS officer. 

The success rate of this exam is merely 0.01%, and every year, many aspirants struggle to get into one of the posts offered by this exam. In such a case, getting into Indian Administrative Service is no child’s play and only the candidates who have secured higher marks would get into this service.

Perks enjoyed by an IAS Officer

Once the results are out and after the candidate knows that he/she has cracked the exam and got the IAS post, firstly the person will experience a sense of relief and satisfaction. Following that, the candidates will enjoy a lot more benefits that come with the job. Therefore, this profession is considered entirely different from others due to many reasons such as the handsome salary, numerous perks, prestigious position in the society, responsibility to implement and formulate policies at the district level, and so on. 

Here is a list of benefits enjoyed by an IAS officer when a candidate joins the services:

  1. The salary of the IAS officer – The salary will increase according to the experience from junior scale to senior scale. It is also one of the high paying government jobs in the country. 
  2. Scope of Promotion – Once the aspirant joins the IAS Cadre, he/she can reach Cabinet Secretary level, which is considered the highest post in the bureaucracy with respect to civil services. 
  3. Residence – The IAS Officers are given a residence in the district where they are posted. They are allotted bungalows depending on their ranks, pay scale and seniority. Generally, the IAS officers will be posted anywhere in the country as it is one of the All-India Services and one of the major concerns, that is searching for a new residence in an unknown city or district, is solved because they are provided bungalows with all the facilities. 
  4. Other Amenities – The IAS Officers can enjoy either free or highly subsidised electricity, water, gas and phone connections. 
  5. Transportation – For transportation, the IAS Officers will be given cars from the government side. 
  6. Security and Safety – Like any other citizen of the country, they can buy their own personal gun, but they are not given from the government side. However, they are provided security by allotting 3 home guards and 2 bodyguards for IAS officers and their family members. 
  7. Vacation Benefits – They can enjoy subsidised stays at the government guest houses or bungalows when they travel for official or unofficial trips inside the country. They can also enjoy the benefit of staying in their State Bhawans with all the facilities when they visit our Capital city, Delhi.Read More About: f95web
  8. Study leave – If the IAS Officers who have completed a certain number of years in the service wish to pursue higher studies in any foreign university, he/she can take up to 2-4 years of study leave. The expenses of pursuing higher studies will be borne by the government on behalf of the IAS Officers. This is a great kind of gesture to encourage the officers to learn more and broaden their horizons. 
  9. Pension – They are bound to receive a lifetime pension, and they enjoy retirement benefits. This gives a sense of security for the rest of your life and also the family members. 
  10. Other Benefits – The IAS Officers are usually invited to attend all important events happening in their district. They are welcomed as chief guests for the functions, events, etc., They are invited as chief guests to educational institutions and are honoured for their achievement as officers and respected for their position. They also enjoy unofficial benefits like free tickets and free passes to concerts, parties and others. 

Beyond all the benefits or perks enjoyed by the IAS Officers, he/she enjoys a sense of satisfaction and pride because all their hard work and sleepless nights have been paid off. Also, the IAS Officers are responsible for the implementation of the policies and planning of the district’s administration. Those who want to start their UPSC Preparation can check the UPSC Full Form to know some basic information about the IAS Exam conducted by UPSC.  

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