2021 Moving Overseas Checklist for Expats

2020 was a never-seen-before sort of year with all the adversities of a pandemic. Covid-19 simply changed all of our lifestyles and stalled our movements too. But with 2021 progressing, we are finally returning to the ‘new normal’ lifestyle, or let’s say, we are getting accustomed to a new way of living ‘with the pandemic.’ Many of you are perhaps waiting for the international borders to open and activities to resume for being able to move abroad finally. If you are one of those who are planning to move overseas amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, here’s a useful checklist for you. Post-pandemic there are lots of dos and don’ts that you should focus on if you are planning to be an ex-pat in 2021. Scroll down to know more.

Choose the appropriate destination

In the era of COVID-19, some of the countries are much more suitable for potential ex-pats. Surely, it all depends on what exactly motivates you to move overseas. For example, the UAE remains to be an ideal destination for the ones who aim to boost their career overseas; not only for the professional opportunities, economic resilience and facilities available but also for the strategic pandemic handling by the government. New Zealand and Australia are eventually opening their borders for professionals by maintaining strict conditions. In short, you must take an in-depth look at your host country and its current situation, and the measures it is taking to deal with the pandemic.

Find the perfect accommodation

Finding an appropriate accommodation should be the number one priority. You must be very aware of the real estate market that is generally affected the most during a global health crisis. You must properly check if the sale prices and rent have dropped or risen, especially if you are planning to stay for a long period. Also, do consider buying an apartment or house. Depending on your status, this will be the cheapest option in a long run. Also, ensure that your chosen accommodation is not within a contentment zone. Lastly, with working remotely being the norm, do check whether you need to arrange for an internet connection also.

Gather important documents 

Did you check if you are eligible to relocate to the country that you aspire to travel to? Do you have the required documents and profiles that are essential for admission? If you are a professional, are your skills in demand in the ex-pat country? Are you a valid passport holder? If not, then you must renew it as fast as possible. Do you have a driver’s license? If you plan to buy or rent a car overseas, you would require an international passport.

Start by gathering all the important documents, including your passports, birth certificates, identity cards, passport size photos, family booklet- everything both in original and in photocopy. Sworn translations of your certificates and other documents may also be required. Once you gather all these you can apply for a residence permit and visa and thereafter book your flight tickets.

Plan your finances

Most of the banks have opened online facilities due to the covid-19 situation. In some of the countries, only a limited number of branches were open during the pandemic. However, ensure that the bank you choose has a branch in your ex-pat country and most importantly in the city that you will be residing in. With an original bank account, you should also keep a local bank account for an emergency purpose.

Plan your child’s schooling

If you have a child who will also be accompanying you in the journey, then you must first pay attention to his needs, especially in terms of education. The global health crisis has changed the entire education system. While in some places schools have been reopened and operating, in others, they have not. Will your child be able to adapt to a new system of education? After remaining trapped inside their house for such a long time will he be able to cope up with the outside world? Consider thinking about these and prepare them mentally for this change.

Covid-19 tests and vaccines

Today Covid-19 screening has become important for everyone who wishes to travel abroad, let alone the 14 days’ quarantine which is mandatory for international removalists. Some countries even ask travellers to self-isolate themselves for a specific number of days. Thus, if you are planning to move overseas with your family, make sure you are acquainted with the terms and conditions set in the ex-pat country.

Planning relocation is the most crucial step. Keep in mind the rules of the other country and plan accordingly. Also, learn about all the constraints that are imposed in the host country. It is wise to hire a company that is an expert in moving overseas shipping.

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