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5 Reasons Your Home Needs New Windows

In many cases, homeowners have no idea when the ideal time is to replace the windows in their homes. While they may look like they’re in decent condition, or they’re aesthetically pleasing if they’re not functioning properly, your home is likely dealing with unnecessary problems that could be causing health concerns to your household.

As many window and door companies will explain, older windows are more susceptible to issues that newly-built designs are able to avoid. If they’re able to foresee issues arising in your home, they would recommend replacing your dated windows with safe, innovative new models.

Even without an expert opinion, there are ways you and your family can identify potential issues in and around your home. We’ll take you through __ of the primary reasons why your home may need new windows.

1. Subtle Drafts

Have you ever been inside your home and felt a cool breeze when the air conditioning wasn’t even on? If you answered yes, you’ve likely experienced drafts inside your house. Older windows are known to change their framing and bend or mould throughout the years, which can let in a draft indoors. If you look closely, you’ll probably be able to see a small ray of light coming through the crack in between the frame.

Drafts become increasingly noticeable during the winter if you live in colder climates. When that occurs, your furnace has to work overtime to make up for the colder temperatures indoors. If you’ve experienced unnecessary drafts inside your home, it’s time to replace your windows.

2. High Energy Bills

If you’ve looked at your utility bills and wondered why you’re paying more than your neighbors or friends with similar square footage, you could be falling prey to dated windows. When your home is functioning with faulty windows, your furnace is likely overcompensating to balance out the temperature indoors. This often results in an exaggerated energy bill, which can significantly impact your household budget.

Replacing the windows in your home is an effective way to streamline your monthly costs. Today’s models are engineered to be more energy-conscious, which takes the pressure off of your air conditioning or furnace.

3. Faulty Windows

If you’ve struggled even to open your windows, that’s a clear sign it’s time to replace them. Opening and closing the windows in your home shouldn’t feel like a workout but rather a simple process that brings light and fresh air into the home. If the lock on your windows isn’t functioning correctly, you could be allowing dust, drafts, and allergens inside. The lock should act as added protection against unwanted elements.

4. Built-Up Moisture

New windows will have an air-tight seal between both window panes to prevent moisture many older windows aren’t equipped with. You’ll know your seal is broken if moisture forms inside of the exterior pane, which has the coldest surface.

5. Excess Noise

While you may hear faint bird chirps or traffic outside your windows, if it feels like it’s inside your home when the windows are closed, that’s a sign you need new windows. Consider newer models with sound-absorbing features to create that sanctuary inside your home.

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