Alibaba FBA – How Does It Work?

The procedure of preparing and delivering the order of a customer is referred to as fulfillment. It involves receiving products, processing them, and then sending orders to clients. When a customer places an order, the process begins, and it concludes when they receive their order. But order fulfillment also handles returns if a customer decides to send something back.

Ecommerce merchants can outsource warehousing and delivery by using fulfillment centers. This frees up the actual space that online retailers need to store all of their goods, which is advantageous for those who lack the capability to maintain inventory directly.

Does Alibaba offer fulfillment?

Yes, Alibaba FBA is there. If you purchase your goods from Alibaba, you have the option of having them shipped immediately to an Amazon fulfillment centre or having them delivered to you and then shipped to the fulfillment centre.

With a selection of discounted prices from international carriers including UPS and EMS, GELS Enterprise Shanghai Co Ltd (logistics and shipping partner of, now manages all shipping, warehousing and logistics for AliExpress orders that opt to use the Fulfillment service.

By the end of March, it has grown its network from 1,400 warehouses with over 25 million square meters of area in December 2020 by 56%. Ninety percent of orders, according to the business, may be delivered in a single day.

How Is FBA Helping Alibaba?

The most recent initiatives in fulfilment and procurement strengthen Alibaba’s end-to-end supply chain, enabling it to serve Chinese consumers as a full-service provider to consumer from source rather than merely a marketplace for the purchase of goods.Alibaba and other big businesses believe that cutting out the middleman provides them a superior level of control over the consumer experience and probably lowers expenses that are traditionally borne by customers.

The movement for complete supply chain control is escalating. A good example is Amazon, which offers services to the last mile. Controlling the entire supply chain would enable e-tailers to fulfill orders more quickly, deliver goods more quickly, and pay less for third-party services.

The addition of the Fulfillment service to the platform of AliExpress has made the shipping and delivery of small businesses’ mission-critical products simple, secure, and convenient – as much as possible.

Businesses can order just one product from just one source or many items from different vendors because there is no minimum order quantity required for this service, giving their business the flexibility it needs. This new service makes it possible for small enterprises to directly get in touch with AliExpress for delivery updates and/or shipment tracking online, simplifying the process of international shipping management.

For added convenience, Fulfillment by AliExpress handles domestic shipping within China and keeps the ordered items of a customer in a GELS warehouse safely,until the customer authorizes the international shipment of the product(s) within a predetermined deadline.With Fulfillment by AliExpress’ Pre-Shipment Inspection service, customers have the option of hiring GELS to conduct particular inspections on the products before shipping.The risks of obtaining non-conforming or damaged items are decreased due to this extra service.

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