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The private 5G network is fifth generation technology born to meet the requirements of high-reliability, high-security, improved reliability, privacy, faster speeds, and ultra-low latency. Private 5G offers convincing benefits to wide range of market sectors such as Industry 4.0, retail, healthcare, transportation, and logistics, etc. Private 5G is an important enabler for enterprises towards their digital transformation with the added benefits such as create new revenue streams and reduce costs.

5G is concentrating as one of the significant part of new infrastructure, – 5G’s high rate, low latency, wide connectivity, and the integrated application with diverse scenarios in varied industries together can bring great social economical benefits. 5G has the capabilities of cloud-native, Microservices, network slicing, NFV (Network Function Virtualization), MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), and more, which will enable 5G as the first native mobile network in supporting the development of private network.

Though technology vendors, MNOs, and service providers have already announced results of private wireless offerings in the past years, there has been an increased momentum around the deployment of private 5G networks in recent time. The cost and complexity of a private cellular network deployment and integration are major factors that create biggest barriers to the adoption of this technology. So, now let us see challenges of deploying private 5G networks along with Accurate Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Accurate Best wireless site survey software, site survey tools for wireless networks &Wifi site survey software app in detail.

  1. High cost

High cost is the most significant barrierfor most enterprises when it comes to deploying of a private 5G network. Private 5G networks require a significant upfront maintenance, and operation investment compared to the more universal, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain Wi-Fi networks. Private 5G network deployments not only require significant planning and coordination but also need specialized staff to operate and maintain the network, therefore Private 5G can be challenging for organizations with limited resources. Many enterprises especially for smaller organizations, the cost of deploying a private 5G network can be prohibitive.

  1. Integration and testing

Private 5G network is known for best-in-breed, open solutions. It can be complex to integrate and test. It (private 5G) is involved several platforms and technologies (for these reasons, private 5G face many challenges) such as –

  • Virtualized Distributed Units and Centralized Units
  • Applications running on Multi-access Edge computing (MEC)
  • 5G CNFs (Disaggregated and virtualized) or Core Containerized Network Functions
  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) enabled xHaulrouters
  • Network slice orchestrator
  1. Customized and complex

Private network solutions are highly customized and complex and can meet the specific needs of organizations which requires a deep understanding of their operations and requirements. But to deploy such solutions, only large companies possess the resources and capabilities, but small and mid-sized enterprises are not able to invest in these complex solutions due to a lack the resources and capabilities.

  1. A complex process

Deploying a private 5G network is a complex process because a private 5G network requires specialized talent (professionals with a good understanding of IT and telecom networks) and expertise. Finding people with competencies in both the IT and telecom domains and retaining them is the biggest challenge for the organization that wants to deploy private 5G. Those specialists demand high salaries; hence it creates challenges for smaller organizations.


Yes, it’s a fact that the enterprise interest in private networks is growing. Private 5G delivers higher speeds, ultra-low latency, improved reliability, privacy, and security, thus presenting an opportunity to accelerate and enhance the digital transformation of many industries. Private 5G is powerful and to maintain its features and to maintain its features always functional, network monitoring and measurement is highly essential. So, if you want to conduct network testing on 5G/4G coverages, RantCell will help you out. Whether it’s remote testing or continuous testing; drive test or indoor testing; benchmarking solution or crowdsourcing solution, RantCell is a one-stop solution to meet your requirements.

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