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Cars have come a long way ever since it first invented. Starting from the hand cracks way to start an engine into keyless ignitions. Vehicles have become an essential part of people’s life since they are more accessible transportation. It’s easier, more comfortable, and less hassle than a public commute. Due to the innovative minds of car manufacturers, new car features are being introduced to the market every year.

The key fob is a small electronic device used for keyless entrance to a car or car ignition. It is an alternative method instead of using a key for entry and ignition. You are good to go with a simple push of a button. And Compared to the traditional way, the key fob is much easier to use. Plus, it’s more comfortable to hide in a pocket. However, many car owners still need to activate their car fobs. Nothing to worry about, as this list will guide how to program your car key fob. 

  • Get inside your vehicle

The first thing to do when programming your key fob is to get inside your vehicle. It is one of the most critical processes of your key fob programming, as it needs to be within the connection visibility to connect with your vehicle. However, it may sound like many processes for some car owners. Once it connects with the car, everything will be much easier.

When going inside the car, ensure all doors are closed and locked. Leaving an unclosed door might disrupt pairing the key to the vehicle. Remember to sit in the driver’s seat and put the key fob within easy reach. After that, proceed to the next step.

  • Put it in the key hole.

Once you’re inside, insert the key and turn on the electrical function of the car. Remember, you only have to put the car into “On’ and do not start the engine. You will only need the car’s electrical power to make the process work.

  • Press the buttons of the key fob

Press the lock button first on your key fob while in the “On” mode. After you press the lock button in your key fob, turn the car “Off” and repeat the process multiple times. The process must stop in the “On” mode, not “Off.” This process should send a signal to your vehicle’s electronic controls, and it will save the data afterward.

You will know the process is complete once you hear a locking sound when you press the lock button on the key. The start-up process is successful since you can lock and unlock your car’s doors. To complete this process, press and hold the lock key for around five seconds, and the process will be successful.

  • Activate all the additional features of the key fob.

Key fobs usually have different buttons included on them. To activate the additional switches, here’s how you can do it. To enter the programming mode again, press the lock button and all the extra keys. Once you are in the programming process, the additional controls programmed will be activated. 

  • Turn the car “Off”

If all of the key fob buttons are working and the signal is complete, it’s time to turn “off” your car. Turning the car “off” means you have terminated the programming mode. Every button on your fob will send a signal to your vehicle and work according to its functions. Unlocking the doors, starting the engine, etc.

  • Test your key fob.

Once you’ve completed the process, leave your vehicle and try your key fob. Press the key buttons to ensure they work according to their function. Ensure the lock buttons work once you are at the proper distance with your car. 

Test out every function to verify all the processes you have done if buttons aren’t working in your key fob. You might want to repeat the whole process. There might be a step that you’ve missed, or something that mess up during the programming process. However, if you follow the steps correctly, your key fob will work fine.

Things to remember

  • If you have a separate key fob or an existing key fob, ensure it sits beside the new key fob you are programming. You must swap the keys out, so make it sit within reach.
  • Don’t start your vehicle’s motor. You will only need to turn the key that only needs the electrical components to turn on.
  • Lastly, your key fob needs fixing if you have completed the steps. You might need to replace your key’s battery. A bad battery will only give you a headache while programming. So make sure you have inserted a new one if you haven’t changed it in a while.

For easier car access

Programming the car’s key fob is one of the most satisfying processes for every car owner and enthusiast. It will be easier to access your vehicle, especially when carrying a heavy load. Just one push of the button and your car will unlock. If you encounter problems with your key fob or have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact key fob programming Houston.

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