Some Must Know Benefits And Importance Of Tele Health

Many times we have heard people saying that the internet has transformed their lives, in the same manner in these times of Pandemic Telehealth has played a vital role in treating patients, consult a doctor online in India, manage your health care and receive all the services you need. According to the experts, 90% of the patients have already begun developing or implementing a telemedicine program. Keep reading to know more about Telehealth and its importance.

Advances new business models

Telehealth as a business model is shifting the paradigm by doing some advancement in costumer based care. Specialists, doctors, and even patients are now finding and even trying to launch their Telehealth platforms to consumers to extend their patient base. Some of the key strategies that are needed to develop a new business model in TeleHealth are as follows:

  • – Think outside the Traditional telemedicine box
  • – Leverage some advances in consumer technologies
  • – Speed time to market with new test beds for innovation
  • – Support Organizations seeking successfully implemented solutions

These all the strategies will lead to more convenient health models for patients.

More Convenient and accessible patient care

According to the recent global survey now due to Covid Pandemic patients prefer easy access to healthcare services over in-person interactions. Those patients who stay in remote locations or who are home-bound can access doctors virtually through video conferencing, smart phone apps, and online management systems to connect more patients with providers than ever before, and along with this patients are more likely to have better experiences. Now let’s discuss how Telehealth makes the consultation easier and accessible:

  • – One can use the online patient portal to see the test results, schedule appointments, and prescriptions
  • – You will get the email, text, phone numbers for your next appointment
  • – More services are available in limited mobility, time, or transportations options

Expands access and reaches more patients

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there’s an increasing physician shortage and to limit the shortage Telehealth is one the best solution. One of the fundamental advantages of Telehealth is it tends to be utilized to arrive at patients in country territories with compelling conveyance frameworks. Telehealth administrations have likewise arisen that are explicitly custom-made to give medicines to women’s, LGBTQIA+ individuals just as dark and earthy colored networks Some issues that are better solved by telemedicine include:

  • – It reaches out to people living in rural areas
  • – It increases preventive care
  • – It collects better patient history and context

It is understood that seeing a patient in person has advantages but there’s an opportunity for telemedicine to fill gaps. Hence, we can say that telemedicine solves the problems of patients virtually and reaches a population that currently struggles for doctor consultation.

Telehealth improves the quality of healthcare

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says that Telehealth improves medical care quality, especially in provincial settings. That is because the advancement can improve organization movement and therapy of unusual conditions. Telehealth is likewise used to redirect unnecessary ER visits.

It helps in protecting both doctors and patients

Telemedicine is considered safer because it extends care to patients. After all, high contact between patients and doctors increases the spread. So, to stop the spread of Covid-19 virtual consultation sessions should be provided without the fear of virus spread. And another benefit of Telemedicine is to receive prompt and effective treatment because every patient is scared to visit hospitals and clinics.

Technology is making it easier to run a telepractice

Technology has assumed a fundamental part in making Telehealth a huge success. For some sorts of health services net connections, smartphones, and advanced types of equipment are needed. So due to major growth in upcoming technologies makes telemedicine even more powerful in near future. Some of the examples include:

  • – Machine Learning
  • – 5G cellular networks
  • – Consumer wearable, sensors, and augmented reality

These technologies ensure that telemedicine will be even more viable in near future and even the Indian government is trying to capitalize on new advancements

Conclusion- Telemedicine is part of future healthcare

Hence, from the above article, we conclude that Telemedicine is appropriate for every practice and it is quite acceptable that the power and importance of Telehealth will be increased. With more benefits and lesser time Telemedicine is becoming a part of future healthcare.

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Mr Viral Kotecha received the M.Pharm degree in the year 2012 from Manipal University. As a pharmacist he strives to give comfort and care to his patients. He is a very well seasoned team player who keeps patients’ wellness on first priority and goes above and beyond by giving Pharmacological information to multidisciplinary health care team. His experience of Working with Team Mediflam has helped him to easily navigate the Medical Sector. And he is now looking forward to planning and fulfilling the long-term and short-term goals at Mediflam.

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