The reasons why Career Counseling is your path to professional success!


Career Counseling is a psychological invention that is becoming trendy in the 21st century. Many college and school students, as well as working professionals, are opting for services to analyze themselves and follow a great career path.

This blog is going to explore Career Counseling, Best online psychometric career assessment, and their benefits and importance to growing and developing your career.

What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is a scientific approach and a service provided by a career counselor that helps you identify your personality traits, aptitude, skills, passion, interests, and values. This process of Counseling helps you become a better decision maker.

It is different from clinical and other types of psychological counseling and it only focuses on education-related and occupation-related concepts or aspects of life.

The Benefits of Career Counseling

According to the Career Counselling Near Me, India has a dire need for career counselors.

About 93% of Indian students are aware of 7 career paths like medicine, engineering, business, law, and design. Over 10 lakh of students attempt the JEE and NEET examinations. This amount is significantly increased over the years. The competition rate is extremely high, however, the acceptance or admission rate remains the same.

i) At a school level:

Career Counseling helps students to explore more career options and develop their career skills in earlier stages. This activity gives the students an extra push and makes them more advanced.

The student can align themselves with their passion, and interest, and create their visions. They can also learn more information about a particular career field. Career Counseling also teaches students how to handle exam stress and improve their academic performance.

At the school level, counselors also guide the students towards possible higher educational institutes, entrance examinations, and admission processes.

ii) At a college level:

Career Counseling helps students to build professional connections and grow their social circle. Graduates can also undertake internships, training programs, certification courses, and apprenticeships. These tools are useful in gaining practical experience and giving college students insight into their occupations.

iii) For working professionals:

a) Job Satisfaction

Career Counseling provides an ultimate and 360-degree perspective on your career. It covers aspects like:

i) Salary, wage, and incentives (or rewards)

ii) Job responsibilities

iii) Experience and educational qualifications

iv) Co-worker relationships

iv) Superiors (hierarchical chain)

v) Nature of work and work-place

vi) Job satisfaction

By examining the job conditions and requisites, an individual can understand how they are performing and their future career plans.

b) Coping with stress

Career counselors train working professionals to handle their job stress, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and avoid unhealthy habits like, smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating, etc.

These negative stress coping mechanisms take a toll on the physical and mental health of the person. They are detrimental in the long run; causing serious health complications.

A healthy and happy employee is more likely to achieve their set goals and attain growth and development. Through Career Counseling, the employee replaces these with healthier alternatives like:

i) Journalling

ii) Exercising

iii) Developing hobbies

iv) Mindfulness techniques

v) Yoga, etc

These positive coping strategies are proven to:

i) Increase worker’s productivity

ii) Enhance mental and physical health

iii) Improve creativity

iv) Induce motivation

c) Increasing value and qualifications

In the competitive industry, an employee must upgrade themselves through various opportunities:

i) Workshops

ii) Job fairs

iii) Certification programs

These events provide knowledge, and experience, extend professional social circles, and increase the worth of an employee.

Enhancing soft and hard skills increases the value contributed to the company.

Workers can have progressive growth in a short span of time.

What are Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments are a significant part of Career Counseling. These assessments are scientifically proven and created by researchers and psychologists to accurately deduce, recognize, identify, and categorize the following aspects:

i) Intelligence

It is the global capacity of a person to perform tasks, make decisions, solve problems, and adapt to their environment. There are nine types of intelligence (Proposed by Howard) including:

a) Naturalistic

b) Linguistic

c) Visual-spatial

d) Interpersonal

e) Intrapersonal

f) Musical

g) Mathematical/logical

h) Kineshinetic

i) Existential

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is also a form of intelligence. It refers to the emotional sensitivity and management of emotions.

ii) Aptitude

Through psychometric assessments, the individual can measure their aptitude skills like:

  1. a) Psychomotor abilities
  2. b) Numerical
  3. c) Linguistic
  4. d) Spacial
  5. e) Mechanic reasoning
  6. f) Abstract reasoning
  7. g) Logical reasoning

iii) Personality

Personality is defined as a unique set of characteristics and behavioral patterns which are followed by an individual. Personality is relatively permanent. They contain the values, beliefs, and temperament of a person.

There are multiple methods to categorize personalities, and these include:

i) OCEAN (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism)

ii) MBTI


Career Counseling is an excellent service that can be used by individuals (at any stage of their career) to attain career growth and development. It has many applications and is implemented by trained counselors. Occupational Counseling can guide people through every aspect of their work life, enhance career experience, and accomplish goals.

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