Things to Consider When Choosing a Pool Cleaning Service

When buying a home with an existing pool, or if you already have a pool installed at home, one of the first things you need to address immediately is its maintenance. It is important to regularly maintain your pool if you don’t want it to turn int a green-tinged smelly pond that is not only unpleasant-looking but can also pose a threat to everyone’s health. Cleaning your pool is not something you can do by yourself, which is why it is necessary to find a good pool cleaning service provider to help you out. 

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Hiring Professional Pool Cleaners 

There are several reasons as to why people choose to hire professionals to clean and maintain their pool. These are some of them:

  • Saves Time –the last thing anyone wants to do after a long day at work is to be faced with the task of cleaning a pool. Let’s admit it, we would rather unwind and relax in the pool rather than clean it. Some people travel a lot, for business or pleasure, and even in such situations, the pool still needs to be maintained.
  • Saves Money –when you maintain your pool and pool equipment, it’ll be easy to identify minor repairs and services needed before the problem gets bigger. A pool technician with extensive experience will provide you with an assurance that everything will be in good condition.  Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

Once you completely understand all that is involved in keeping your pool clean and running, you need to take these into consideration when choosing a pool cleaning service provider. 

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Is the pool cleaner well-known in your community? How long have they been in service? Are they able to give local references? Ask friends and neighbors that have hired pool cleaners which company they use and if they were satisfied with the services provided. No company will stay in business for long if they have a lot of dissatisfied customers. 

Check out online reviews of the company or companies you are eyeing on. When you contacted them, did they answer in a professional manner? If you made an appointment for them to inspect your pool, were they punctual? How many employees do they have? How do they handle emergency situations?

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Inspect the equipment of your pool cleaning service provider. Is their equipment thrown haphazardly in their truck or car or are the organized and cleaned properly? Is their car or truck in good condition? Do they store their chemicals safely? You want to make sure the equipment is clean to avoid cross-contamination from other pools.


Most pool cleaning and maintenance providers have different methods and styles of pool maintenance. Do they ask to see your pool before they give you a quote on the price? Your pool’s size and shape matter with regards to the cleaning costs. Is your pool above-ground or in-ground? Is it a saltwater pool? How often do you want the company to clean or maintain your pool? Perhaps you only want the pool cleaners to open your pool in springtime and close it during fall season. Or maybe you want them to maintain your pool all year round, or something in between. 

If your pool cleaning and maintenance is going to be a collaboration between you and the pool cleaners, then it’s important that each party perfectly understands what their responsibilities are. Getting everything in writing is a good start. 

Other things that you need to look into are the chemicals needed for the pool—will the cost of this be included in the fee or is this an additional charge? Is cleaning the filter needed in your pool’s routine service, or is this an additional charge? If you opt for a year-round service, does the cost include opening and closing your pool?

The answers to these questions could give you an idea as to why some pool cleaning service providers charge less than others. In any case, the more information you are able to collect, the fewer unpleasant surprises you’ll find out later. 


Over time, there will be a need to repair your pool or its equipment. Does the pool maintenance company manage repairs, or do you need to find someone else for that? Do they represent a certain brand of pool equipment? Is it the same equipment you already have and use? 

Written Reports

If you’re unavailable or are away from home when your pool cleaning is scheduled, ask for a comprehensive written report that explains what was done, and the list of chemicals used. Some pool companies provide emails each time they work on a pool, provide information on the status of your pool and before and after photos.


What type of background check does the company have for its employees? Are they sure the people they hire can be trusted? 


Is the pool maintenance company insured? Although we don’t want problems to arise, some things are inevitable. Accidents can happen especially when you work with water, electricity, and gas. 


Make sure that the people you hire to clean and maintain your pool are certified. Each state has different laws on who qualifies as a technician and how much training is needed before someone can be self-employed for pool maintenance. Other states, on the other hand, have no standards, rules, or minimum requirements at all. Do your research diligently. Check out the person or company you are considering for the job. They will be handling potentially toxic chemicals. A simple mistake by an inexperienced cleaner can damage or even destroy your pool or equipment, and even worse, possibly put the health of your family at risk.


Your pool is an expensive investment, so take time to research the companies you want to hire for cleaning and maintaining it. Talk to friends and neighbors who own pools and ask for recommendations. Check online to see how customers felt about their experience with a particular pool maintenance company and the service they received. Compare costs and do not sign a contract until you feel that company can provide you the service you want. After you’ve made the decision, you can look forward to enjoying your clean and well-maintained pool. 

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