What do cats drink: a complete guide?

Cats drink less. However, modern cat life helps to increase their demand for water. Getting your pet drunk can be a daunting task, since they rarely need water. Cats drink less and watering some of them is a deterrent. However, the current behavior of our animals requires more water.

How to make a cat drink water?

Why do cats drink less? If cats drink too little, it is above all for reasons related to the origin of the species: the ancestors of our domestic cats lived in the steppes and savannas, dangerous places in the water. Another explanation given is related to the repair of tap water, which the cat does not want. Lastly, you should be aware that the wild cats that eat animals bring in enough water through their fluids, including blood. The cat is therefore accustomed to getting its own drink especially from its diet. Water is in the list of Cats Favorite Drinks and if cats drink too little, it could be a problem.

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Water is needed by cats and how to deal with it

Cats’ water needs are supplemented by living conditions in a warm room. In addition, macroquettes do not provide water. It is always recommended to leave clean water available near dishes. Often, the cat does not touch: he does not like the drink he eats. You can distribute water points in different designated areas of the house, but cats often prefer to drink from a tap or bowl of toilet. Some need rain. We can also provide them with water sources.

How to make a cat drink milk?

The question is controversial: a big cat, like humans, does not always have the enzyme needed to digest milk, even if it is a beverage that needs our felines. The best solution is to test your patience. Symptoms of milk allergies are the same as in us humans: flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea, the latter of which can be severe. Generally, it is best to avoid giving milk to an adult cat.

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What milk do you drink to give to cats?

Milk is justified on unsupported cat, but it is better to choose whole milk, similar to cat’s milk. The composition of cow’s milk is usually not suitable, but can be tolerated by a large cat or cut by water. If you want to give milk to your cat, you can also choose low-lactose milk, to be bought at a pet store.

What are the dangers if the cat drinks too little?

The croquettes are a balanced and complete meal, tailored to the cat. Therefore, they should be accompanied by adequate water: indeed, some cats, with excessive urination, develop urinary stones. The amount of water drunk is not the only factor involved in the occurrence of rocks: the quality of the kibble is important. Avoid foods that are too big, too salty and fat, and choose foods that come from pet stores or from your veterinarian.

Why give it to my cutting?

Cows, goats, sheep or even donkey milk are not suitable for him, even for cats, they are not rich in lipids, proteins and are not rich in minerals. Himself. Milk (cow’s milk, etc.) Is usually a good source of protein, but not the one you need: True, most adult cats are not tolerant of lactose or are incompatible with the protein their milk needs. During breastfeeding your cat loses the ability to digest lactose, lacking lactase, which the enzyme allowed.

How do i know if my cat is waiting for cow’s milk?

To find out, first put a few drops of milk in the water and give it to her. If your cat has lactose intolerance, you will soon find out, milk will cause movement disorders: loose stools, excessive diarrhea, vomiting … If your cat is intolerant or allergic to dairy proteins from another source (such as cow’s milk), it can cause itching, redness of the skin, ear infections, and even eating disorders. 

If your cat allows milk, you can give it a little less, and up to 40 ml of milk per day for a cat 4 kg (i.e. 10 ml of milk per kilogram of cat). If your cat used to drink milk when it was a cat, it may be impatient with growth (impatience due to lack of lactase, for example).

What should my cat drink?

The best drink for him is water, even though your favorite feline tolerates milk. On the other hand for a non-weaned cat, up to the age of three to four weeks the best food for milk. A change in solid foods is then made, and when solid foods are enough, milk will no longer be needed.

You can give milk up to the age of 10 weeks, gradually starting a strong diet from day 21, for example with the Royal Canin Pediatric weight range, which allows you to make the transition between 4 weeks and 4 months.

If the mother is not available (orphanage) to breastfeed their cats, or even for those mothers who are weak, sick, who refuse to be fed before the baby is 4 weeks old … It is important to give tobacco as much as possible to replace mother’s milk, unlike cow’s milk, which is not rich enough even if it is supplemented with egg, and it is the most commonly consumed.

How can i give another great direction to my yogurt?

Yes, because fermented dairy products like yoghurt have less lactose than milk. Your cat is usually more capable of digesting it, even if it contains lactose intolerance. You can give it to him without any problem. But if your cat is allergic to protein milk, it does not tolerate other dairy products, including yogurt.

Be careful, on the other hand, cheeses are a very high-calorie food, which can quickly make your cat overweight. Give moderately! Give the kitten milk if it is not weaned. Give your big cat cat milk, if approved, or as a remedy. But if he can’t stand it, just give him water.

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