Zorb Ball – Different Types of Features

Zorbing, or rolling around in an inflatable ball, is about getting the ultimate experience of freedom and excitement. If you’re wondering what this new sensation is all about, you may be surprised to know that Zorbing is not a recent invention. People have enjoyed Zorbing for centuries; the sport still requires a particular setup to be played safely and effectively.

Zorb Balls and its equipment available at Kameymall are not surprising that this unique type of fun attracts a particular breed of user. For example, college students and young adults attend ‘Zorb ball’ parties for fun. However, if you want to know about the variety of zorb ball features, you can stay focused and better understand.

Ball Bearing

  • People are used to the standard spherical bearings found on bicycle wheels or skateboards. However, there are two different types of balls.
  • The more common type is the three-dimensional ball bearing, which a pump must deform.
  • This Zorb ball runs much smoother since it doesn’t require any effort to be pumped up. There is a solid and durable type called an inner core ball, and then there is the weaker zorb ball.


A Zorb Ball comprises two elements, a fibrous fabric outer cover with zippered-on inners, which provides buoyancy while adding injury risk to users.

The type of fabric used is crucial because it needs to support the weight of many people and hold up over time, which can be problematic since the fabric was previously coated with a polyurethane (PU) material for optimal inflating. Unfortunately, this coating sometimes peels away or degrades after use.

Water Proof

A Zorb Ball is waterproof, ensuring that users do not get soaked during the Zorbing experience. However, during the summer months of heavy rain, the water can cause some damage to the ball. Although waterproof, one should always avoid letting water inside the Zorb Ball to prevent it from deflating.


  • It is also good to note that the inflatable Zorbing sphere must not be perfect or spherical. Instead, the manufacturers can employ a variety of shapes, such as hearts or logos.
  • These are mainly used for promotional purposes, like giveaways or product advertisements. 
  • The shape can be customized entirely for optimum user experience.


The zorb ball should fit the users’ body size so they will feel comfortable inside it. A larger size usually gives users more comfort, but a smaller size also has benefits because it is easier to control. You can get an idea of the ideal size by reviewing several zorb balls’ reviews and product information. People should avoid using a product that somebody else has already used since this could cause health problems such as skin infections and rashes.


There are at least two types of mushroom bulbs that can be used to inflate the Zorb Balls. They are bulb wicks and jacketed wicks. Bulb wicks are more common and convenient. They can be used in a lighter weight and with a pump without extra effort.

Though this kind of bulb is easy to use, it generally takes a long time to inflate the Zorb Ball. The jacketed wick is a common type called the Zorb-Lite, produced by manufacturers, which is an all-in-one product that provides the function of inflation and deflation.


The pressure of the Zorb balls should always be enough to keep the ball intact when it is inflated with water. If there is not enough pressure in it, then it could cause some problems when you are inside it. A Zorb ball is made to be inflated with water at a certain pressure, which should always be maintained to avoid unwanted air pockets on the ball’s surface. Here are some essential tips and tricks that will help you maintain pressure.


  • The user must ensure that the zorb balls are always kept clean and dry when not in use.
  • You can use many techniques to keep the ball clean and avoid storing it in a dirty place or keeping it wet. Then, when it’s time for a party, people should take them home and store them properly as best as possible.
  • Once cleaned and dried, they should be ready to set up in a location free from water.

Safety has to be the number one priority for those looking for zorb ball features. Zorb balls are made for fun and entertainment, but when misused, they can cause serious injury. Therefore, people should read the instructions and know the proper way to use them. Zorb balls are fun and an excellent way to have a unique experience with friends, but people should take proper precautions. People should also remember that Zorb Balls are for entertainment, so they should not be used for stunts or other similar activities.

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